Fear, Anxiety and the Evolution of Global Consciousness

Unless you are blissfully living under a rock, I am sure you are aware that right now, the world is in the midst of a global pandemic.  The effects of this are widespread.  We practice ‘social distancing’, working from home or not leaving our house at all.  We order our groceries for delivery.  Some of us are soothing our anxiety and fear by purchasing comfort food, stocking up on an enormous amount of toilet paper and compulsively checking social media.  The less fortunate are suddenly without a paycheck and no safety net to stave off homelessness or hunger.  The inequities in our economic, health care and political systems are being exposed while the rich sell off stocks and governments fight over who deserves help and who should languish.

As a Yoga teacher, I have radically changed the way I teach. My classes are on-line, streaming from Facebook and YouTube.  Teaching to a camera is strange, disorienting and it feels cold.   I am so used to watching my students and laughing through the inevitable snafus (knocking things over, falling out of a pose, getting my left and right mixed up) and moving on.  However, now, my ‘boo boo’s’ are on display for strangers, trolls and will be out there for infinity.  This is a small sacrifice to pay and my ego will survive.

But…what about humanity? How does this change us?  Obviously, it will make its mark on each individual.  However, some believe this is a much bigger wake-up call…much more…‘spiritual’ in nature.

Yep, that’s right.  I am saying humanity is waking up – not just some of us, but hopefully, every single one of us.  After the dust settles, some will still ignore the true nature of consciousness and our ‘reality’ but many millions will be forever changed for the better.  Don’t mistake what I am saying- what we are experiencing is not great right now.  People are sick. Some are dying.  I am not making light of that.  Loss and death are painful.  We all know in our heart that we are not making it out of this ‘state of mind’ and physical body alive (in a way we understand with this limited brain). I am full of fear and anxiety myself. My only relief is Yoga, chanting and meditation (and a good dose of humor now and then).

On my personal path, I have struggled with the spinning of my own mind, the likes and dislikes of my ego and my ever-changing emotions.  I have tried to force my brain to wrap around complex subjects like consciousness and enlightenment.  The only time I make any ‘progress’ is when I let go of all conceptualizing and look within.  I can credit Eckhart Tolle for my ideas here.  He was asked about reincarnation and just ‘who’ is it that keeps coming in and out of physical forms to become a being ‘having a human experience’. The great thing is..he didn’t explain ‘who’ this is in his answer. He simply said to look within and find all the answers you need.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not is irrelevant.  We all ‘know’ there is more to everything than this limited scope of bodily senses, spinning thoughts and experiences.  When we step back from all the buzzing and noise and activity and become still, something magical happens.  There’s something more and words can’t even come close to describing it or explaining it.  It just IS.  Some call it a ‘witness’ or a ‘soul’ or ‘God’.

So, how does a pandemic of epic proportions help us wake up?

This physical disconnection between us as human beings (we are social creatures after all) is showing us just how connected we are!  I miss hugging people…all kinds of people!  I am hugger although I know everyone is not, but most people need to be in the physical presence of other human beings at times.

People are going outside and appreciating nature!  Watching TV and surfing around on social media can become quite tedious.  Reconnecting with the natural world is key to raising our consciousness.

The better angels of our nature as humans is expressing itself during this crisis. The majority of us are being kinder, more patient and willing to help others.

The earth is healing a bit – and getting a breather from pollution!

The pace of our daily lives is slowing down as we are required to ‘shelter in place’.  While there is stress and chaos, there are more moments available to pause and reflect on what’s truly important.  For those of us who are ‘tuned in’ and meditating or chanting or doing Yoga, we are more and more aware of the effects of our practice and how important it is to us.

There is power in global consciousness to lift us all up above the turnings of our individual minds.  Eckhart said…Consciousness is turning to look at itself, its own creation- like a mirror.  After eons of creation, it’s time to step back and breathe in the beauty of life and know that inside each of us is the same thread.  ‘We’ forgot where we came from, but ‘we’ can wake up and remember.

I know I probably didn’t answer the question.  Perhaps, if I meditate, it will come to me.



Aspiring Yogi

Human who has none of the answers to life’s big questions but keeps on asking anyway.

Lover of goats (who just realized there are no photos of goats in this post and this must be remedied immediately)

white goat in grass field
Photo by Nandhu Kumar on Pexels.com

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