Welcome to YogaCentric

At 52, I feel quite young, vibrant, healthy and happy.  However, I haven’t always felt this way.  There were many years in my 30’s and 40’s that were decidedly unhappy times for me.  Bogged down by work and family pressures, I lived in an almost constant state of stress and anxiety.  There was no time to examine the direction of my life or even ponder what the hell I wanted to do with myself.  Sure, I had ‘professional’ goals and daily ‘to do’ lists but I did not have a clue what I wanted to be when I finally decided to ‘grow up’..for real.

Enter Yoga.  Yes, the simple practice of Yoga and learning to stop and BREATHE has changed my life.  Like many, I became so entranced with the practice, I became a Yoga Teacher.  After teaching part-time for about a year, I realized that Yoga would not a good living make and that teaching Yoga for ‘money’ would not be good for my body or my soul.  Yoga is a very personal life philosophy and I never want to lose that by turning it into a full-time ‘job’.

So, I begin here…with YogaCentric where I hope to connect with other Yoga Teachers, Ayurvedic practioners, Massage Therapists and any one else interested in helping others become healthier and happier through the ancient wisdom from the East.

Join me as I take the first steps on my journey…freedom from the grasp of the Corporate world and into the light of my own destiny.




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